What to Expect

It can be a little daunting to make the decision to ask for counselling and not know what to expect. Talking to someone you don’t know, and often about things you have never shared can feel risky and vulnerable. It takes courage and a leap of faith to engage in this first step and Eva honours that. Her focus is to make you feel as safe and comfortable with the process as possible, and by being open, caring and non judgemental, this will allow you to feel respected, heard and valued.

Although there is one small dog in the Bracebridge office that will welcome your arrival, please know that arrangements can be made to have them out of the room during your session.

First Session

In your first session, Eva will ask you questions about you and your life. These questions may include:

Why are you seeking counselling? What is your objective?
What is your history?
What is your current situation?
What are your current physical and emotional symptoms?
Are there any foreseeable barriers to attending counselling such as time, finances, transportation etc.
Do you have a support network, and if so please describe.

You are guaranteed to be met with compassion and non judgement. This is your time. These questions will be explored together in order to ascertain whether or not you can work together and to begin to formulate a plan and some goals so that the best possible support can be provided to you. As therapy is a partnership, it is important that there be some discussion about any roadblocks you may be experiencing (financial, time scheduling) and to let Eva know if things aren’t progressing for you in a manner that feels right for you.


Your confidentiality is extremely important. Information you share will not be shared directly or indirectly with anyone without your informed and written consent. Duty to Report legislation exists for all regulated health professionals should you disclose an intention to harm yourself or others.

Email exchanges are not secure. There are too many technological variables not within Eva’s control. Please consider this when emailing about a sensitive issue.

Schedule a brief free initial phone consultation with Eva or connect with her on the Psychology Today platform.