What to Expect

“If we can share our story with someone who responds with empathy and understanding, shame can’t survive.” ~ Bren√© Brown

It can be daunting to make the decision to seek counselling and not know what to expect. Furthermore, talking to an unknown person, often about things never shared, can feel risky and vulnerable. This first step takes courage and a leap of faith, and Eva honours that; her focus is to make the client feel as safe and comfortable with the process as possible. This involves being open, caring, and nonjudgmental, in addition to helping the client feel respected, heard, and valued.

In the Bracebridge office, a small dog welcomes your arrival, but arrangements can be made to have her out of the room during your session if preferred.

First Session

The initial visit is a period for Eva and the client to get to know each other and get an idea of how to proceed. Subsequently, Eva will ask questions about the client and their life. These questions could include:

  • The reason for seeking counselling.
  • The client’s objective.
  • Personal history.
  • Current situation.
  • Relationships.
  • Problem areas.
  • Ways of coping.
  • Physical and emotional symptoms.
  • Possible barriers to attending counselling such as time, finances, transportation, etc.
  • The client’s support network.
  • Past experience with therapists.

This time belongs to the client and Eva guarantees to meet them with compassion and nonjudgment. She will explore these questions with them, and to begin forming a plan and goals to provide the best support possible. Moreover, since therapy is a partnership, it’s important to discuss any roadblocks (financial, time scheduling) and to let her know if things aren’t progressing in a way that feels right.

Depending on the client’s issue and goals, therapy can last a few sessions or several weeks or years. While the client may want to know how long it’s going to take to “feel better,” there’s no simple answer. Eva’s approach is very individualized.

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